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Turkey x Reader 2
What do you want from me?
You made it to your hotel and checked in without difficulty. After making it up to your room, you changed into a nice (fav color) t-shirt and jeans. You grabbed your phone and ear buds for music, and your wallet. You were going to at the very least look around for a bit. Grabbing your black jacket and room key, you left your hotel room.
You headed out to a nearby café. You ordered (fav drink) and calmly waited for it to be made. Out of the corner of your eye, you thought you saw Turkey. You quickly turned only to find that it was a trick of your imagination.
"Excuse me, Miss? Your drink is ready."
You turned, paid for, and grabbed your drink after thanking the cashier.
'Man, I must be seeing things today.'
You headed out to the park and found a quiet area. You sat down on the bench and took a sip of your drink. You let your thoughts wander, and they settle
:iconthefiredragoness:TheFireDragoness 68 25
Mature content
Hetalia~ Turkey/Sadiq ~Trust :iconcoldplaylover96:Coldplaylover96 58 367
Mythical Hetalia: Turkish Zilant by snakeshine Mythical Hetalia: Turkish Zilant :iconsnakeshine:snakeshine 27 5
I Love You Too Much (Spain X Reader)
Translations in the One-Shot
*Señora - Lady
*Mi casa - My house/home
*Excelente - Excellent
*Vamos, chicos! Consiga sus instrumentos y vamos a empezar! - Come now, guys! Get your instruments and let's start!
*Te amo - I love you

It's a beautiful day and you are walking around the city of Madrid. Why? Well, you came here for a reason and that reason is that you wanted to visit your close friend that you used to hang out with for a year now and that close friend, is none other than Spain.
Your first meeting him is when you visited Italy to see the Italian brothers. Your first impression of him was rather friendly because when he first saw you, he was like 'Oh why hello, señora!' and he gladly offered you a nice and friendly handshake. Then afterwards, you guys started to talk about a lot of things like the other countries, tomatoes, his culture and many more.
The more
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 79 16
Phone Call Jealousy (Jealous!Romano X Reader)
"Oi, (Y/N)!"
A tall, brown haired, hazel eyed, and quite a handsome young Italian named Romano was standing in front of your doorstep to pay you a nice visit since he missed you so much.
You and him have been friends for a year now and it has been a few months or weeks that last time you saw though you tend to contact him on telephone, cellphone or one of your social network websites that you use very often.
Actually to be precise on how you met him in the first place, your other friend, Italy, which is his younger brother and the northern part of Italy, was the one who introduced Romano to you when you encountered him in the market.
Your first impression of him was just he was a bit shy when he first saw, not to mention he showed a blush on both of his cheeks which is kinda cute. Then, once you began talking to him though, you and him eventually became friends and sometimes you laugh at his antics or his rants about Spain and his two friends, Prussia and France.
Romano breath in and o
:iconmegablazethecat:MegaBlazethecat 225 11
Chibi Turkey by Jotaku Chibi Turkey :iconjotaku:Jotaku 751 92 20120629 Spain by nunamna 20120629 Spain :iconnunamna:nunamna 129 5
Hetalia x Bullied!Suicidal!Reader Spain's Ending
Hetalia x Bullied!Suicidal!Reader: Spain's Ending. Perfect to Me.
You looked up to see a certain Spanish guy,holding your wrist from preventing you from falling.
"S-Spain?! " You stuttered. To quickly explain who this guy is, He is one of your bestest friends and you have liked-- no, scratch that, you have a crush on him. Head over heels, in love but, you never confessed for fear of rejection and fearing your loss of friendship.
" Hola Chica~ What do you think you're doing? " He asked with a hint of worry,His beautiful green eyes looking into your (E/c) eyes.
" I-I..." You didn't want to tell him the truth, not at all. " Can you not tell...? " You said looking down,being ashamed.
Spain looked down at your cut arms that was dripping blood, the pocket knife held in your hand, the pills and beer bottle by the railing of the bridge. 
" Chica...Why would you do this to yourself? "  Asked Spain.
" B-Because... I....Because..." You hesitated.
:iconlilkirby8899:lilkirby8899 85 111
Hetalia x Bullied!Suicidal!Reader: Romano's ending
Hetalia x Bullied!Suicidal!Reader: Romano's Ending
Author's Note: Heyo! As requested by many, and i mean MANY of you guys! Here is the Romano ending! I'm sorry I made all of you guys wait for a very long time but I'm going to re-write a lot of these endings and as well as the other series. I've been studying for tests, planning my 15, trying to answer all 200+ comments and requests, researching for a few things for the series and working on my health. I've been clean for about 5 months so I'm okay now thanks to my newborn nephew. As always I hope you enjoy this story! Thank you for reading my note~ 
ALSO! WARNING! This is rated R for Romano.
You look up to see a certain Southern Italian's eyes, mixed with anger and sadness.
You winced as his grip tightened on your blood covered wrist. You looked up at him,wincing.
" Romano..? " You whispered. You never really told anyone but you kinda had a thing for the Italian- w
:iconlilkirby8899:lilkirby8899 22 12
Hetalia x Bullied!Suicidal!Reader Italy's Ending
Perfect to Me: Italy's Ending~
" Italy?! "
" Ciao Bella! " 
You couldn't believe it. Your best friend (JK. CRUSH),Italy. Saving you? Out of many people.You?
" Italy! What the hell are you doing here?! Leave me here and let me go! " You yelled, clearly mad.
Italy was confused. " Why would I leave you? Your my best friend! "
' Yeah... just my best friend.... '
" Italy. Leave! And let me go! Please! " You begged.
" No! " He said as he put on that serious face. He opened his eyes, his honey-golden eyes looking into your (e/c) Orbs that are now dull.
He looked at your cut arms and you the blade in your hand. He looked back and saw the empty beer bottle and the empty pill bottle.
" ( Your name ),Did you do this to yourself? " Asked Italy,worried.
Made a wrong turn...Once or twice.
Dug my way out...Blood and Fire.
Bad decisions...That's alright.
Welcome to my Silly Life.~
You looked down in shame and nodded. " Ye
:iconlilkirby8899:lilkirby8899 108 88
You laughed as America threw you over his shoulder.
"Sorry Spain dude, but I'm stealing [Nickname] for a bit." He said as he headed off towards the meeting room's doors.
"Later, Spain!" You giggled and waved goodbye to Spain as the doors closed.  When you were gone, Spain let out a sad sigh and laid his head against the large, round table. Noticing he was down, France walked over to him on his right, while Prussia walked over on his left. They looked at each other then down at Spain.
"Vhat's zhe matter, Spain? Are you sad because you'll never be as awesome as me?" Prussia asked in a concerned voice. France face palmed then clapped his hands to get Prussia's attention.
"Mon ami...."
"Focus, s'il te plait." France said. Prussia's mouth formed into an 'o'. France sighed and put his hand on top of Spain's head.
"Tell big brother what's wrong, Espagne." Spain lifted his head and looked towards France while Prussia played in his hair.
"I wanted to ask [C/N] if she wanted to hang out wi
:iconsassyanimegyrl15:SassyAnimeGyrl15 189 59
BTTXNeko!Reader Part 1
You padded gently along the pavement on velvet feet under the soft glare of street lamps. Your last family had kicked you out upon learning your secret. Well, they had actually called the cops and you had made a run for it. You were currently hungry, homeless, and in need of a home.
Unfortunately, there were no ads in the newspaper for 'free loading cat-girl' (because let's face it, that's what you were), so you just had to make do. You had been observing a family for a couple of days, deciding whether or not they would take you in. There were three males: a French man, a German, and a Spaniard. You figured that if you could get the Spaniard to like you, then the other two would have no choice than to put up with you. One had a bird which could be problematic, but that would be easy enough to take care of.
In the morning, the Spaniard went out to tend to his tomato plants. That was when you would make your move. As a cat, of course. People didn't normally react very well to crazy
:iconwhisperingwatermelon:WhisperingWatermelon 510 124
Adopter!HetaliaxOrphan!Reader: My answer
Choose your Hetalia family
You were an orphan.
Though many wanted you. Many adopters wanted you to be their new family member. You guessed that they've read your history and wanted to adopt you out of pity. You hoped that the family you would choose are good people.
You sighed and this polite lady approached you with a beam on her face. You tilted your head because you were wondering what were with the folders.  
"_______~!" She called your name sweetly. "C'mon deary, it's time for your interview with your adopters" You nodded in reply and followed.
First off were the Nordics.
The polite lady said to be nice and you shouldn't be shy since they were nice people or rather men. You gulped and opened the door slowly. You saw blonde boys who glanced at you. You said to yourself 'Keept it together______.!'
"Hello! You must be ________." The guy with purple eyes were the one to speak first. You nodded shyly.
The guy with spiky hair that reminded you of Johnny Bravo chuck
:iconaris-falcon:Aris-Falcon 645 211
Hetalia x Bullied!Suicidal!Reader Perfect Intro
Perfect to me~
EDIT 1/29/16: I decided to change it up a tad bit~ I will indeed be revising and editing the rest of these endings because i feel like they somewhat suck and imma add some more to the feelz factor~ Your very welcome my children~ 

On that note, please try not to rush me as well... Also, if there is a character that hasn't been seen in the Anime or Manga or that has been mentioned but not seen, please give me details about the character. 
The song is called Perfect by P!nk
 " Slut! "
 " Whore! "
 " Bitch! "
 " Why can you do anything right?! "
 Tears were flowing down your face after reading those messages on social media. You were a victim of bullying. Ever since the bullying started,
 most your friends left you and turned against you, your pa
:iconlilkirby8899:lilkirby8899 259 306
Hetalia 7 Minutes in Heaven: Wand- Romania
In your hand you pulled out from the black hat a...wand.
Right then you thought it was Britain and decided to play around with the wooden oak wand.
You turned over and pointed the wand at Britain and said, "Britain, I got you!"
You dropped the wand when it zapped a light green color lightning came out of nowhere and transformed Britain into a chicken! Everyone watched in horror and delight as Britain was looking at himself in shock and running all over the party. You took your bewildered gaze to the cursed wand that transformed your British friend into a chicken that was racing around the living room as Alfred laughed so hard that he collapsed to the floor.
You then felt a tap on your shoulder and you turned yourself around to see a wide grinning Romanian named Vlad.
"Looks like you got me, printesa mea!" he said gleefully and brushed his light shaggy brown hair as if his grill was smoking.
"Hi Vlad," you greeted with a smile. "I must be lucky if I-oh, I don't know-GRABBED A CURSE
:iconhetaliachan1267:Hetaliachan1267 273 109
Hetalia 7 Mins in Heaven- Tomato: Romano
In your hand you pulled out from the black hat a...tomato?
In your hand, you held a ripe, red tomato that looked good but who knows what was inside that hat and decided not to take a bit. Even if you didn't like tomatoes, you wouldn't mind given it a bite.
"Where the hell is my tomato, Tomato Bastard?" shouted a familiar Italian voice.
You turned your head over and realized immediately it was Romano who was rocking Antonio back and forth to get an answer out of him. Thinking it was the right thing to do; you went over to Romano and playfully tapped him on the shoulder to get his attention. Romano stopped shaking the struck-down Antonio and saw you over his shoulder, blushing redder than a tomato.
"_-___________, what?" he asked aggressively, showing discomfort for you being so near him.
"Antonio didn't take your tomato," you said to him and showed him the tomato in your palm. "Alfred took it and-"
Romano snatched the tomato off your palm and held it close to his chest like that scene f
:iconhetaliachan1267:Hetaliachan1267 273 87




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